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Hinkley Early Football Preview

Colorado Prep Report takes an early off-season look at Hinkley and how we feel they will do this fall on the football field. We talk about their team, their athletes, and the toughest spots on this group that they need to replace. Learn more about them in this article now!


Struggles to get stops against elite competition left Hinkley struggling to compete on the gridiron and the final result was two victories. Improving heading into 2016 is the goal but it will be an uphill battle with a large crop of seniors having moved on due to graduation. The Thunderbirds will be leaning heavily on their younger players to step up and make an impact if they are interested in thriving on the gridiron Quarterback Ramzee Howard was a bright spot of the offense as he passed for over 1,400 yards and his presence will be critical to this unit. He has proven that he can make big plays late in games and his teammates will follow him along the way. Running back Calvin Pope is another to follow as well. The defense will be loaded with new faces but having Omari Walker back around will help their chances during the season.


Players to Watch

Calvin Pope

Omari Walker

Ramzee Howard

Will West


Players to Replace

Boaz Powell

Eman Mcneal

Kenny Powell